Spravato (aka Esketamine) is a new, FDA approved medication, which is an isomer of Ketamine (aka racemic ketamine).

Spravato is an FDA approved medication, meaning, to be covered by insurance, however, we must use the medication exactly as the FDA approved it.

This means:

  1. You must come to the clinic to get the medications administered
    a. This means you will not get the nasal spray medication to take home. You will always have to come to Innovative Ketamine to get the medication
  2. You must be monitored for at least 2 hours
    a. This is an FDA mandate, there are no exceptions
  3. During this 2 hour, your blood pressure will be monitored and recorded
  4. Innovative Ketamine must send a 2-page, detailed note to Janssen (the maker of Spravato) to record any abnormal responses
  5. We must follow the following protocol:
    a. Induction: weeks 1-4: Come into the clinic twice a week for 2 hours each
    b. Maintenance: weeks 5-8: Come into the clinic once a week for 2 hours each
    c. Weeks 9 and after: Come into the clinic every 2 weeks for 2 hours each

Please understand that this is the requirement for us to be an approved Spravato Administration Center. We know this may be frustrating because many patients thought they could just receive the nasal spray at home. They will not allow this.

If you understand the above and would like to use Spravato, please fill out this form.

We feel IV ketamine is a superior treatment form for moderate to severe depression and pain. We have been using intranasal ketamine for over 1.5 years, but only as a booster between IV infusions. We would be happy to talk about your condition and treatment. Please fill out this form.