We are saddened to inform you that as of November 16, 2020, we will no longer accept insurance for Ketamine infusion appointments. This change is due to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois medical policy criteria which deems intravenous infusion of Ketamine for the treatment of chronic pain and psychiatric disorders as experimental, investigational and/or unproven. While we believe Ketamine is an effective treatment for those who are struggling with mood disorders, PTSD and chronic pain, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois has indicated it will not cover this service. 

Innovative Ketamine is committed to helping our patients. We will continue to accept insurance for therapy and for initial treatment consults. Infusion treatments, however, will be paid out of pocket. Please review our website for a breakdown of treatment costs. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois medical policy prompting this change is available here.

For Depression, PTSD, Anxiety Protocol

Mental Health Treatments consist of a series of six infusions over a two-week period. Each IV infusion lasts approximately one hour. After this two-week period, most patients return for maintenance infusions once every four weeks for one year.

  • $450 per infusion (pay as you go) 
  • Or, pay $2400 for all six infusions up front ($400/infusion)

Innovative Ketamine accepts payment via credit card, health savings account, and CareCredit, which allows patients to pay over a period of 24 months with no interest. 

Refer a patient to Innovative Ketamine and receive $200 off a maintenance infusion. 

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For Chronic Pain Protocol

Treatment of Chronic Pain Disorders requires a higher dose of Ketamine and a longer duration of infusion time (2-3 hours). Our pain protocol typically consists of at least 3 infusions (depending on the type of pain syndrome you have) done once a week,  but may require up to 6 sessions.

  • $900 per infusion

Innovative Ketamine accepts payment for your treatments via cash, Care Credit, credit card or a Health Savings Account. No checks accepted.

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