April 18, 2019
ketamine treatment

Hopes and hype for ketamine to treat depression – USA Today

Some studies show ketamine treatment can provide relief within hours for tough-to-treat depression and suicidal behavior and clinics promising unproven benefits have popped up nationwide. But more research is needed to know long-term benefits and risks. (Oct. 31) Read More >>
October 9, 2018

Innovative Ketamine Treatment: We Take Insurance

What if you could utilize your insurance to get your Ketamine Infusions? We are one of the only clinics in Chicago that take insurance. Since insurance does not pay for the actual Ketamine administration because it is not FDA approved, we do charge you $250 per infusion for the Ketamine infusion and we then bill your insurance for the visit, time with the doctor and IV insertion. Yes, if we take your insurance (check here), we will bill your insurance. So, […]