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Chronic Pain

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to experience high levels of depression and anxiety. To make treatment more accessible, Innovative Ketamine will only bill insurance for our mood disorder patients (the additional cost per infusion will be waived).

If you have insurance and have been thinking about Ketamine infusions for severe depression, book a consultation today. Insured patients who receive treatment for depression will only be responsible for paying their deductible, copay, or co-insurance, as no other fees outside of insurance will be billed during this time. Self-pay is also available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ketamine for Depression

Your first treatment will be a discussion of your past medical history, a discussion of ketamine, going over treatment plan and goals, reviewing the risks and benefits of the procedure and answering all your questions. If you have insurance, we do accept insurance for this visit.

Patients typically receive a series of 6 infusions over the course of approximately two weeks for mood disorders. Each infusion typically lasts about 45-55 minutes. Most clinical trials have consistently shown a 70-75% success rate with this approach, however, based on our clinical experience, we are seeing an 80% success rate. The treatment does require booster infusions as time passes to keep the effect going and to keep patients symptom-free. These boosters are the same duration and are usually done once a month.

Ketamine for Pain

Generally, two types of patients with chronic pain may benefit from this medication: patients with chronic pain that have not had much success with other pain medications or treatments, and/or patients with chronic pain who plan to undergo surgery.

Several conditions, including cancer, CRPS, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, phantom pain, postherpetic neuralgia, sickle cell disease, and spinal injury, may result in chronic pain. Ketamine has been used to manage pain in all of these conditions. Multiple professional organizations, including the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA), the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), have agreed that the collective evidence has shown support for ketamine’s role in managing pain for these conditions.

The pain protocol differs significantly than the protocol for depression or other mood disorders. For the pain protocol, the patient is given a 3 hour infusion of Ketamine. Also, the dosage is significantly higher than for the mood disorder protocol. Due to this increase in dosage, patients tend to get some more side-effects (nausea, dizziness, longer disassociation) compared to the depression protocol. This being said, our patients tend to do very well with our pain protocols.

Now Offering Spravato (Esketamine)

Spravato (aka Esketamine) is a new, FDA approved medication, which is an isomer of Ketamine (aka racemic ketamine).

Spravato is an FDA approved medication (it may be covered by insurance). However, we must use the medication exactly as the FDA approved it, thus there are restrictions on how it must be administered.